The facts are clear: 50% of energy resources are used by buildings, yes, 50%. In the face of global warming and the political and economic situation, the energy transition has become an absolute necessity.

Improvements to be made to existing buildings and new constructions :

As far as existing buildings are concerned, achieving energy transition is a bit like giving them an ecological facelift. It involves improving their thermal envelopes and replacing heating systems fuelled by fossil fuels (oil, gas) with renewable energy production systems, such as heat pumps (either geothermal or air/water) coupled with solar panels. For new buildings, the aim is to make them more energy self-sufficient than MacGyver with a paper clip and an eraser.

Measures by the Canton of Geneva and implications for buildings and individual homes:

The Canton of Geneva, in Switzerland, has already introduced measures for blocks of flats with several dwellings by imposing a control system that measures energy consumption using the Heat Expenditure Index (HEI). They have devised an action plan for the next ten years, rather like a ten-season series to save the planet. Are you a single-family home owner? These measures apply to you too! And marketing your property will soon become more complex.

The role of our estate agency in the energy transition:

To play an active part in this energy transition, our real estate brokerage agency is committed to offering vacant plots or plots with a house in need of major renovation only to responsible developers who build 100% autonomous homes. Our attention to materials and their local provenance is as meticulous as that of a Michelin-starred chef when it comes to the ingredients of his signature recipe.

The energy transition is a major issue for homeowners. Every time a property is sold, an in-depth analysis must be carried out about its energy efficiency. To help you in this process, our real estate agency will advise you and direct you to qualified engineers to assess your home. Don’t hesitate to contact us to become the eco-responsible person that this energy transition requires.



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